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January 26, 2013
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I`ve been thinking of joining :iconharvest-pokemoon: for a long time now, it`s just that I`ve been really intimidated by all the rules and I`m a bit afraid I could accidently break them. But I`ve finally decided to give it a try if I ever get in. Here goes nothing~
Oh god, I didn`t mean his history to be so angsty and I`m not sure if it even makes any sense

I`m not a native speaker, so I apologize for any mistakes.

:bulletpurple:Name: Chime
:bulletpurple:Age: 32 (probably)
:bulletpurple:Gender: Male
:bulletpurple:Pokemon: Sigilyph
:bulletpurple:Height: 180 cm/ around 6 feet (without horns)
:bulletpurple:Bodystyle: Skinny
:bulletpurple:Birthday: January 1rst
:bulletpurple:Home Island: Rapture Retreat


:bulletyellow:Chime doesn`t feel entitled to have an opinion of his own, so he usually keeps his ideas to himself. He rarely shows any emotion, but that`s probably because half of his face is covered under a mask. He doesn`t care about chitchat and hates talking about gossip, to him it`s all a big waste of time. He does however enjoy studying people, but not in the gossipy-like way. If he finds you interesting, he will follow you around and take quick notes into his little notepad about your behavior and actions.
He is a little headstrong when it comes to fixing things. He will stick his nose into matters that that are personal and will try hard to sort them out. And arceus save you if he finds you "corrupted", he will stalk you everywhere, barge into your home without an invite and try to give you help that you probably don`t even need.
But otherwise he`s pretty bland and if you tell him to do something, he`ll most likely do it.

:bulletyellow:He is very forgetful and needs to write down any important events if he still wants to remember them in a week.

:bulletyellow:He fails at comforting people, usually offending them when he gives it a try.

:bulletyellow:He believes death is not the end, just another section of life.

:bulletyellow:Like all sigilyph, Chime is a bit territorial, especially when it comes to those he loves. Even if he never let`s anyone know who that is.


Chime has always been... very secretive about his personal life.
He was born to parents who were not exactly prepared for a child as they were constantly traveling around the world in a caravan, selling medical herbs and voodoo dolls. His mother, a mandibuzz, home-schooled her son for the most of his earlier years. However, that didn`t make him any less smarter than all the other kids his age. If anything, he was ahead of them.
His parents did eventually settle down in a tiny town located near Castelia city when he reached fifteen years old. It was a very friendly community, thanks to its small number of residents. The boy fitted right in, he started to attend normal school and even found himself a nice circle of friends. His mother was very attached to him, she couldn`t imagine spending a single day without seeing he was well. And that`s how he ended up spending his early adulthood in his mother`s arms. She even urged him to get a job that would be in one place, a permanent job he could depend on - unlike what she used to do with his father. But Chime was so used to traveling, he decided to leave the place in the same old rusted caravan his family came in. For years he went from town to town, selling the same herbs his mother used to pick. He was naive and inexperienced, he thought the whole world was exactly the same like the old town briefly lived in. It was hard for him to believe that there could be people who weren`t good, people who hurt others... He was determined anyone could become "good" if you helped them in the right ways. And that was why he divided everyone he met into three categories: Pure good, corrupted good and those who were evil and couldn`t be helped, but he never used that category.
He began a mission to save those who were corrupted, but he wasn`t sure where to start. What exactly was making people act mean? What was the source of evil?
Having the handy move "Dream Eater", he used it to look into others` hopes, goals and obviously, dreams. And then it hit him... maybe if he got rid of the evil parts of one`s mind...

A couple of years later, he found himself selling Dreamcatchers in the streets and exorcising evil spirits. Dreams, it was all about that moment when your brain turned frail and unfocused, away in a deep slumber, unable to protect yourself... that had to be when evil attacked the mind! Dreamcatchers kept those moments of weakness away. And if the person was already corrupted, it was time for Chime to step in and eat away the evil with his "Dream Eater" move.
Chime became so obsessed with his theory, with the thought that he was some kind of savior, that he turned paranoid someone might try to stop him. He rarely slept as he was terrified his own mind would become poisoned with evil. And eating all those dreams wasn`t healthy eighter. His face turned pale, his smile cracked and he grew thin and frail. He forgot who he was and who he was aiming to be. He placed a mask on his face, in fear someone might recognize he was once a human being with feelings. He couldn`t allow that, humans were weak and easily turned evil.

It went on like this for some time, before he met a certain Houndoom girl going by the name Bell on his travels. She was a young lad full of energy and ready to learn something new. She found the sigilyph mysterious and interesting and started following him around. At first he was annoyed by her presence, but slowly he grew fond of her and even began teaching her about his beliefs. Soon, the two were running his small dreamcatcher business together.
She was worried about the way he treated himself and knew if she didn`t step in and do something, his lifestyle would completely destroy him. But no matter how much she tried, he just nodded and ignored her.
One day, they met a lone houndour in the streets of a crowded city. It seemed confused and angry so they took it in for a couple of days. And just like he would do with any other patient, he looked into the pokemon`s dream in an attempt to help it. He was horrified with what he found, the pup that was staying with them was filled with darkness. It was only then when he noticed the yellowish toxic oozing out of his mouth and its mean little eyes. That was the first time they identified someone as pure evil. But that didn`t stop Chime from giving the houndour an important role. He taught it how to eat away dreams instead of him, since it was already doomed and unlike him, the houndour didn`t mind the extra evil it sucked in and only seemed happier about it.

With a new member in their business, Chime decided to settle somewhere down and open up a small store. But they needed some nice and friendly isolated place. A place where he could easily point out those who needed his help. A certain island caught his eye...

Job: Business Owner
Shop Name: The Light in your Nightmare
Stock Type: Dreamcatchers, bells, herbs, rare stones and other silly accessories that might protect you from bad dreams

Dog`s Race: Houndour (female)
Dog`s name: She-devil (often called Shedie or Dev)

Shedie is a fierce pup with a strong jaw for expressing opinions. She barks and snaps and almost anyone in sight and it`s not easy to get her off once she closes her mouth around something. However, she is very loyal towards Chime and turns incredibly protective when someone gets near him.


:bulletpink:Dream eater


:bulletpink:Miracle eye
:bulletpink:Dream Eater


- He is pretty good at sewing and creating keychains
- He can use his psychic powers instead of hands (also to slightly float above the ground)
- He can stay awake for long periods of time


- His name is not actually "Chime", Bell just call him that because of the noise he makes each time he moves (there`s usually a bunch of stuff hidden under his cloak which cling against each other)
- His chin and elbows are almost purple
- When he uses the move Miracle eye, he takes off his mask
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Zooala Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Congratulations on getting accepted! I've been hoping to see Chime in my inbox because he's so fascinating :aww:

I'd love to RP with you sometime if you're not too busy! ;u;
EraGam Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Thank you and sure, that would be cool c:
Zooala Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2013
awesome! should I send you a note sometime? or do you prefer skype/comment rps? ;w;
EraGam Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
You can send a note if you want to UuU
reesekitty-14 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
He looks so creepy but awesome and I just want to hug She-devil to death xD
I would love if we could rp~
EraGam Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Oh yes, I would love that too :3
reesekitty-14 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Do you do notes?
EraGam Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
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MadMegane Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
okay, I just have to say that this is a really cool stylization/concept for a gijinka.
Really clever, as is the business!

I hope to rp with you sometime!
EraGam Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013
assdaggf thank you :3
Oh yes, that would be cool c:
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